Apr 25

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MEN: Beware of Fashion Looks!

Sandy Dumont, wardrobe and image consultant expert about business attire for men.cas

Both #1 and #2 are fashion looks and not power looks, because of the color of the shirts worn. The dark brown shirt, in particular looks gangsterish with the white tie. The red shirt and matching pocket scarf look fashionable, indeed, but this look is for someone in a very creative field and not a competitive business arena.

The man in #3 (on the right) appears businesslike except for his jeans, so this look is also for a creative arena. In addition, everything he wears is in a solid color. At least one of the three items worn (shirt, tie, jacket) must have a pattern so as to not produce a monotonous look. A striped shirt or suit, or a tie with patterns would suffice.

A man’s shirt sleeve should extend one-half inch (.5cm) below his suit sleeve. In the photo left, the white lining of his suit jacket is showing, so his shirt sleeve is obviously well above it. The jacket of the man in the center photo is too long, and his extended hand reveals an arm instead of a shirt.   The man on the right has no visible shirt cuff, so his shirt sleeve is too short or he is probably wearing a short-sleeve shirt. Short-sleeve shirts are never acceptable for business attire. Furthermore, jeans are out of place with a jacket and tie in a formal business setting.

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