Jan 29

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Men, Don’t Let Your Collar Choke Your Professional Image

DumontBlog012710a Gentlemen, I’ve been hard at work in my Norfolk, Virginia studio, finishing up my soon-to-be-released  e-book just for men.

I found this perfect example of what can go drastically wrong with a simple choice of collars  and had to pass it along to you with an insider’s tip from the book:  Always choose a collar that fits!  Your collar and tie are worn closest to your face and must convey a look of neatness and attention to detail while ensuring that your face will be the focal point of your entire body.  This collar is too tight and too high for this man’s neck.  Notice that it creates that double-chin look.  The fact that it’s off-center and wrinkled also sends the silent message that “details don’t really matter.”  Like you, this man probably doesn’t believe that message and would never verbalize such nonsense–so why does he let his collar shout it out?

DumontBlog012710bHere’s an example of a collar that fits well.  It’s also crisp and wrinkle-free, sending a message that substance and details matter to the man behind the choice.  Here, the focus will be on this man’s face, not on a distracting collar and tie.

By the way, notice the difference in tie colors.  In the men’s book I delve deeper into color choices, but here’s a quickie for you now:  Orange does not compliment the skin tones of about 80 percent of people in the world; most people should steer clear of the color.  Ties in the red family are almost always a perfect choice–especially those in the burgundy to raspberry range, which have a touch of black or blue to compliment most any suit/shirt combination.

So men, tell me, how much attention have you paid in the past to your collars’ silent messages?

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