Oct 17

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Michelle + Anne in Fuchsia

Sandy Dumont discusses candidates' wives in Hot Pink

Anne Romney - Michelle Obama

Let’s face it. Fuchsia (a.k.a. Hot Pink when it is lighter and brighter) is a very flattering color for most women. It makes the face look softer, more feminine and more luminous. Both the First Lady and Mrs. Romney look beautiful and elegant.

Mrs. Obama is more formal with her long-sleeve jacket – a change from her usual penchant for sleeveless dresses. Last night it was Mrs. Romney who chose a less-formal, short-sleeve dress for the occasion.She wore a dramatic necklace to make more of a statement.

Both the neckline of Mrs. Obama’s dress and the single strand of pearls give a very demure look. Women always look better with a scoop-neck neckline, even if it is only a slight one – as is the case with Mrs. Romney.  The ultra-high neckline creates a harder line at the neck. Rounded lines are more feminine.

Mrs. Romney would be advised to ditch the jacket with the busy floral print. It’s a warm pink (think salmon pink) and fights with her cool pink skin. It also makes her look heavily made up. This always happen when you have cool skin and wear warm colors.

Both women looked beautiful and feminine, and I recommend they keep this highly flattering color in their closets!


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