Oct 04

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Michelle Obama + Ann Romney at Debates

Michelle & Ann and What they Wore to the Debates

Ann Romney - Michelle Obama

The presidential debates. were graced with two lovely ladies, but their attire was entirely different.

Michelle Obama wore one of her best colors, royal blue. However, the short jacket that she seems to favor is not her best style. It creates an imbalance¬† at her torso. When a person is high-waisted, it’s possible to carry off a cropped jacket. It’s a great camouflage for a high waist. However, a bolero-length jacket rarely works.¬† In addition, the line of the patterned blouse underneath appeared to be a tie at times. A scoop-neck shell would have been better – then she could have worn a statement necklace.

Mrs. Obama’s makeup wasn’t as attractive as usual. Her lipstick was a too-pale muted peach/orange shade that could barely be seen.. She came across on screen as having no lipstick on. She looks her prettiest in fuchsia lipstick with pink blusher to harmonize.¬† I’d love to see Mrs. Obama return to her previous hairstyle which was a little longer. Last night’s style made her face appear too long.

Ann Romney always looks marvelous in white. Her suit was a figure-flattering style. The pleated hemline is never a good idea, however, as it creates a distraction and takes the eyes away from the face. Mrs. Romney’s hair was lovely and framed her face attractively.

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  1. alexandra

    Maybe highwaisted trousers to the jacket would work better? And your right about the topp underneath

  2. Sandy Dumont

    Alexandra, trousers would make her look even more out of proportion. She just needs a jacket a little longer, so as to not make her high waistline look even higher than it is.

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