Nov 26

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Michelle Obama Maximizes Her Favorite Accessories

The most effective way to make a statement with your outfit is by using color or accessories. Giorgio Armani states, “accessories are important and becoming more and more important every day.” Going out without accessories is like a robot look–it is bland, and the outfit often wears you instead of you wearing it. When you accessorize, you make your own unique statement with that outfit.To date, Michelle Obama hasn’t hired a personal stylist, but she is already becoming a fashion icon who chooses her clothes with confidence. Her style is classic with just a touch of flair, elegant but always approachable. Michelle also clearly has her favorites: favorite designers, favorite shopping haunts, and favorite accessories. She has a fabulous sense of style when it comes to accessories. I’ve seen her wearing a certain set of round colorful rhinestone brooches on a number of different public appearances. Best of all, Michelle’s clever use of brooches is completely wearable for any woman; she uses them to adorn the kinds of basics most women already have in their closets.

Sweater set

1. The large yellow brooch acts as the clasp for her classic black sweater set, and is flanked on either side with smaller but similar twin blue brooches.J Crew

2. The full J Crew ensemble where the bold print of her tank leads her to opt for the yellow brooch by itself.  (She has also worn the yellow sweater at an outdoor speaking event with a white shell and all three brooches set the same way as in the first photo.)

Black sheath dress

3. Wearing a simple fitted sheath, Michelle proves her savvy style by bucking the tendency to wear a brooch on the shoulder. She clusters the three brooches together along a corner of the squared neckline, and it makes quite a statement!

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  1. Barbara

    I really agree with you Sandy. I hope Michelle will be “keeping up appearances”

  2. Sandy Dumont

    I’m sure she will. She’s got a natural sense of style.

  3. Sheila Sullivan

    As a Canadian, perhaps I shouldn’t comment on US politics or the future First Lady, but: I think she is adorable and will bring elegance and class back to the White House. She reminds me so much of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy; the way she carries herself, the way she walks.

  4. kebuseditswe gaolathe

    dats great,mechelle,keep it up

  5. choco

    Wooooow she done a good dressing but in type of fashion white girls much attracted ok

  6. carol barber

    She has no style.

  7. Ceola

    I think she’s beautiful both inside and out

  8. Sandy Dumont

    I appreciate your comments very much, and I agree with what you said. Michelle Obama will be a source of inspiration to us all with her naturalness and wonderful sense of self.

  9. Sandy Dumont

    Everyone has a style, even if you do not like it.

    What I have observed over many years is that the First Lady who enters the White House barely resembles the First Lady four years later. In other words, most First Ladies change their style dramatically.

    Michelle Obama may change her style as well, but my guess is that it will not be a dramatic change, because she seems to have a real sense of self.

    Most people are not born with a book on the “Rules of Color” or the rules with regard to line. Even the most fashionable of people who come to me tell me they learned a great deal about color and line. I expect Michelle Obama will increase her knowledge over the next four years.

  10. Sandy Dumont

    Yes, I agree. I understand she doesn’t have an image consultant, but if she were to ask me for advice, I would let her see for herself that she looks better in jewel tones than in food colors like orange and lime green!

    Thanks for your comment.

  11. Sandy Dumont

    My feeling is that Michelle Obama dresses in styles that appeal to American women in general, no matter what their ethnic background is.

  12. Connie L.

    Does anyone know what Michelle’s favorite color is?

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