Jul 07

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Obama, Ditch Baby Blue Ties

Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect has some advice for Our President, Barack Obama.

Dear Mr. President,

There you go again wearing the ever-popular baby blue tie. It may have been popularized by President George Bush, but this is a Palm Beach look, not a power  look. Ties should talk; instead, this one puts you to sleep. Just like a baby in a pastel blue room. Now you know why babies’ rooms are always painted in pastel tones. Bold colors are too exciting for babies to sleep.

Your purple tie is elegant and awesome. I’d like the purple-striped tie better if the patterns were reversed. That is, if the thin stripes were silver and the dominant color were purple instead of silver. That way, there would be more contrast with your shirt, and the tie would pop. This tie would work if you wore it without a jacket and with a French blue shirt.

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