Oct 17

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Obama vs. Romney- Style Matters

President Obama was the clear winner in terms of style. A red tie always conveys power. However, the darker the color the higher the authority, so the dark red tie conveyed very high authority. Add to that the formal-looking small repeating dots, and you’ve got a Presidential look that conveys immediate confidence and authority.

Romney wore a tie in the ubiquitous blue, with stripes. Stripes give a pale tie a bit more oomph. than a solid color, which almost always looks bland. However, the white stripes gave it a summer or Deep South look. Dark stripes would have been better. Stripes, incidentally, suggest daytime business. Small repeating patterns are much more formal, and thus, more powerful.

I wil leave it to the political pundits to hash it out as to which candidate won in terms of substance.

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  1. alexandra

    Im praoud of Obama he has the red tie on :)

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