Feb 27

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Oscar Night – Emma Stone makes them pale by comparison

Last night at the Oscars, as expected, I saw many celebrities and stars wearing pale “blush” colors, and they aren’t doing themselves any favors. When you have pale skin, you make yourself look even paler. And when you forgo lipstick for the so-called “natural” look of today, you even begin to look sickly.

Too many celebrities are still buying into the old theory that you wear colors that match or harmonize with your superficial appearance. You’ll see three redheads above, and one with red highlights. Everyone of them except Emma Stone, in cherry red, looks pale, pasty, passive and close to invisible. Pardon the pun, but they pale in comparison to Stone in her luscious cherry red gown. It’s an old wives tale that redheads can’t wear red and should stick to orange. Orange is usually their worst color, because it makes the complexion pale even more.

That why Kristin Wigg and Melissa McCarthy (at left) look so terribly pale. They are wearing the most pastel versions of orange –  dusky peach/apricot. Beatrice Bejo, far right,  wears a lovely shade of seafoam green, but it’s too pale to begin to make decent contrast with her skin – and her face is nearly colorless. A bit of lipstick would have helped a lot for all three women in pastels.

And incidentally, if you wear a strong color, it will wear you if you don’t wear lipstick!  Lipstick is to women what a power tie is to men.

Stay tuned and I’ll open your eyes to more Hollywood color mistakes.

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