Feb 28

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OSCARS: Ladies in Red


So many red dresses were seen at the Oscars last night! Here are my favorites, from left to right, Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein, Jennifer Hudson in Versace, Sandra Bullock in Vera Wang,  and Anne Hathaway in vintage Valentino.

There were many stunning gowns, but nothing stands out like a fabulous gown in red. That’s because red is the color of life itself; the blood coursing through our veins. Red is sex, per se. After all, it’s how we got here. When you wear red, it reminds us we’re alive, and we got out of our robot “another day, another dollar” mode. We smile when we see red.

Jennifer Lawrence’s gown is as simple as an elongated T-shirt, but it could steal the show from the most extravagant and elaborate gown in any other color. That’s red for you! Jennifer Lawrence has an amazing figure, but the style of Jennifer Hudson’s gown was the most figure flattering. That swirling¬† and flared skirt with fabulous bow, just shouts “curvy.” Of course, Valentino is renowned for his red gowns, and Anne Hathaway’s is one of the most beautiful. Valentino always goes for “feminine and pretty” so this gown is my personal favorite. It’s yummy. Sandra Bullock had the best red color; it is rich and intense. Reminds me of one of those old cars in shiny Candy Apple red. Awesome.

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  1. Sandy Dumont

    I like Jennifer Hudson’s dress, too. I also like Sandra Bullock’s dress just as much.

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