Feb 27

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Oscars – More Color Faux Pas

Five actresses in popular colors

Don't Dress to Look Invisible Ever Again

Last night, watching the Oscars in Hollywood, I was struck by the number of beautiful women who made themselves look nearly invisible because of the colors they wore. This is the one night you don’t want to look blah. You want to stand out!

If you want to own the room when you enter it, it’s not by wearing clothes that match your superficial appearance that you’ll do it. The secret? Contrast. Pastels have little or no contrast with pale skin. White and true yellow are not pastels, so they enable you to pop.

Bright colors alone are not the secret. Some bright colors are flashy and some are classy. Ordinarily, orange is in the flashy arena, but Michele Williams chose a refined style; plus her innocent pixie look and demure jewelry keeps her in the classy and refined arena.

Of course, black is the ultimate color for contrast, and Melanie Griffiths proves that the old color analysis books and systems were wrong when they said blondes can’t wear black. But, yes, Melanie – you, too, would look even better with a little brighter shade of lipstick. I’d recommend a clear bright fuchsia.

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