Oct 27

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Political Candidates Need a Winning Wardrobe

Political Candidates Need a Winning Wardrobe

This is a group of politicians running for national office in 2008 from an unidentified state. It’s doubtful the men in the photo used an image consultant, because four of them have committed big image errors. As I alternate each month between male and female case studies, I’ll skip the woman in the photo.

Only the man in the center (3) gets the Image Architect’s okay, even though orange is not a traditional “power tie” color, as is red. Perhaps he went to a university that has orange as its school color. His tie would get higher marks if he had stripes or small repeating patterns in a color that matched his suit. Yellow can be a good choice for a tie, but not when it is worn with a dark gangster shirt that looks more like Las Vegas than Washington (4). Other bad ties include those with busy patterns (gaudy) as in # 1 and # 2 and those that nearly blend into a dark suit (drab) as in # 5.

Two or three of the men appear to wear brown suits. Unless your constituents are in the agriculture arena, you won’t get their votes, because brown is a safe color (monks), not a power color.  Man #4 wears a brown shirt and matching suit, so he’s really off track. I’d suggest that man #1 shave his facial hair; he’ll look more trustworthy; and at the very least, shave the beard and leave the moustache. The glasses worn by #5 make him look older; I’d suggest classic horn rimmed glasses like attorneys often wear. Lastly, never hold hands with yourself in a photo, because it is a sign of insecurity. Let your hands fall by your side.

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  1. Sharon B.

    The jacket sleeve of the man on the right, #3, could be a little bit longer. When it hits only to the wrist, to me it looks too short. Man #1’s sleeve hits just right.

    When standing, the men’s jackets should all be buttoned-both buttons. #1’s appears to be unbuttoned; #2’s is covered by his awkwardly placed hands & #5’s has one button undone & the other buttoned. Any business man or politician should know better.

  2. Barbara Morris

    Great analysis, as usual. Your comment that a man with facial hair looks less trustworthy is spot on. I would never vote for a man with a beard — he’s making it impossible to read his face. Bearded men are not sexy. They look dirty and too lazy to properly groom themselves.

    Hey, isn’t that PA Gov. Ed Rendell with the orange tie? They all look like funeral directors. Shady ones at that. :-)

  3. Sandy Dumont

    Good eye you have, Barbara! You’re right on.

  4. Sandy Dumont

    Great observations!

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