Feb 22

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President Obama, grey is wishy washy

Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect watches President Obama's Image & Style

Dear President Obama,

Grey is not a color for a president. It’s a color for many politicians, because it is so wishy washy – neither good nor bad,  black nor white, but somewhere vaguely in between. I think you’ll agree that a Grey Lie and a Grey Area do not have positive connotations. Please ditch the grey ties, especially when worn with a grey suit.

Red is the most powerful color that exists, because it’s the color of life; the blood coursing through our veins. You look Presidential on the left. You can’t have too many red “power ties” because you must always look dynamic and powerful! And you can’t have too many navy blue suits either. Blue signifies trust, and in darker shades it signifies both power and trustworthiness.

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