Feb 20

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President Obama: No More Grey Suits, Please

Dear President Obama – Please give up those grey suits. They make you look much older and very tired. Please remember that grey has mostly negative connotations: a grey area, a grey lie, old and grey, sad and grey, tired and grey. Of course, it’s favored by politicians because it personifies a grey area that says “Maybe Yes – Maybe No.” But you’re the President of the United States, and you can’t take a neutral stance.

The photo of you in the navy blue suit was taken only one day apart, and there is a world of difference. You look proud, confident, healthy and positive. Navy blue, that’s your color. And dark blue signifies both authority and trust. That’s why policemen are often clad in navy blue. The dark color is for authority, but blue radiates trust. The perfect presidential combination.

Most of my clients who have grey suits tell me that they “needed” a grey suit to round out their wardrobe. When you have grey hair, you don’t NEED a grey suit. It accentuates the negative side of grey hair. When you wear navy blue, it says “distinguished, worldly gentlemen.” If you need another color, think about black. But think back to Senator John Warner. He wore only navy blue suits, white shirts and red power ties. No one ever commented about that fact. Instead, they said, “Now he looks like a senator – or a president.”

You can’t have too many navy blue suits.

Don’t forget, colors radiate energy and send out signals not only to others, but to those who wear them. I watched you on TV as you spoke in your grey suit, and you seemed to be enveloped in a cloud of grey drabness and sadness. Give up grey!

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