Oct 05

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President Obama: Presidential Ties

Presidential or Not?

President Obama, as the leader of our country, you simply must look presidential at all times. That means no khakis, except in the privacy of your home. For casual events, jeans are great, but don’t wear them with that dark grey windbreaker. It’s your worst color.

Above, all, you must wear a dark suit, preferably navy blue, because grey can make your hair and skin look a little too grey.Trust me, you can’t have too many beautiful and perfectly-tailored navy blue suits. It’s the epitome of class and elegance, not to mention power.

And for the icing on the cake, you must also wear a tie that is both powerful and elegant. Please, no more dark ties that nearly blend into your suit. Too drab for words!

Here are two examples above of presidential looks. You can never go wrong with a red power tie. The one above is classic. You look authoritative, handsome and presidential. When the red is darker, it gets even more powerful. Wear the color above for state occasions;;;; and wear dark red when you “mean business.”  It’s the most powerful tie of all.

Now, when you want to look presidential but also make yourself distinctive from all those other men wearing red power ties, wear a red violet tie like the one above worn by President Clinton.  This exact shade. If it has more blue, it may look too dark. If it’s too pastel in tone, it looks wimpy. Michelle will like this tie, too!

Incidentally, you can’t have too many versions of the red power tie. Just make sure they have traditional stripes or small and discrete repeating patterns. Never large patterns.

Lastly, another gentle reminder that the blue tie above is NOT presidential. It’s for the country club and for Palm Beach. Not for the White House or the Oval Office. Trust me.


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