Jun 05

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President Obama, Role Model Please!

Obamas on date

Dear President Obama,
You’ve taken a bit of flack for going to the theater in New York City without wearing a tie. The office of President of the United States is such a venerable one, that I think it demands a tie even at the theater in Podunk. You look so much more handsome when you wear a tie besides. Look what happened with those dot.com millionaires threw away their ties. They gave the rest of the world an excuse for throwing their ties away. “After all, millionaires don’t wear ties,” they noted. Please don’t give the men in this country another excuse for not wearing ties! After all, casual attire suggests a casual attitude, and I’m sure you don’t have a casual attitude about running this country.

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  1. Wanda Reese

    Newsflash: Barack Obama is POTUS. It means, essentially that he can wear whatever he chooses, to whatever event, whenever.

    As a nation, those of us who voted for him, chose to elect him for far greater reasons than whether he wears a tie or not to an event–whether it be “official” or simply taking his wife out.
    He’s certainly handsome whether with or w/out a tie.

    Can assure you that the majority of us do not care one way or the other. Those who do, obviously have little to do with their time.

  2. Sandy Dumont

    Dear Wanda,
    I respect your opinion. However, technically (due to something termed Simultaneous Contrast), the President gets more healthy pink color on his face when he wears a navy blue suit than with a white shirt alone. In my humble opinion, he looks handsomer as a result.

    I also think that it is disrespectful to refer to him as POTUS, even if it is an accurate acronym.

  3. JWP

    Is it just me –or did anyone else happen to notice what appears to be a white bra showing through her dress?? More than likely the result of the flashes from the cameras, but still…

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