Jun 29

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President Obama, try French blue

Is there a Presidential Look? Sandy Dumont international image consultant has the answer...

Mr. President, the most formal shirt is a white one. Sometimes it looks out of place when worn without a jacket. A French blue shirt does not. Even wearing a dark suit jacket with a white shirt looks like an abandoned orphan – and out of place. I’d love to see you wear more French blue shirts. They make your skin look pink, healthy and glowing as well. And they look so much more natural when you are wearing a suit jacket without a tie.

The photo on the right is an example of a good look for you when you want to be less formal,  so that you will also look very approachable. It’s much more effective than simply taking your tie off.  To take this look a step further, loosen up your tie and roll up your sleeves and you will look friendly and fabulous – and ready to go to work for our country! Make certain the blue isn’t any darker than the shirt above, however, or it will look like a “fashion” item instead of a power look.

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