Apr 01

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President Obama’s Power Tie

Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect gives advice to President Obama

Now that’s a presidential look on the left. White shirts are the most formal, so they are the most powerful; however, you need a power tie to match, and one that is also dynamic. The darker the color, the higher the authority, but the tie in the center photo isn’t appropriate for a dark suit unless you are a funeral director or a chauffeur. The result is a look that is too somber or even forbidding.  A tie needs to make a different kind of statement, like the one on the left does. Red is the most powerful color there is for a tie, and that includes red-based colors like burgundy, magenta, raspberry, plum and red-toned purples. Red is energy, action and life itself. Add black to it and you get a burgundy tie that suggests supreme power.

On the other hand, the tie on the right is  very nice, but not quite as high on the power scale. Make it a little darker and it would become more powerful as well as more interesting.

Like all brands, consistency is important. Former Virginia Senator John Warner almost always wore a navy blue suit, white shirt and red power tie. No one ever commented that he “wore the same thing every day.” They commented that he always looked like a powerful Senator.  In menswear, variety is not the spice of life. You can’t have too many navy blue suits and red-family power ties!

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