Feb 04

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President Obama’s White House Attire

Andrew Card, former Chief of Staff for President George Bush, blasted President Obama for dressing too casually in the White House. He feels strongly that the dress code for the White Hous should respect the office of the President.

Dear Mr. President.

I do, too. And I hope you don’t mind if I give you a few other pointers. Wear navy blue more. It is a better color for you than grey or black. Grey washes you out too much and dulls your skin. Navy blue gives you a healthy glow and makes you look handsomer, too. White shirts are the most formal, so that’s what I’d suggest you wear with your navy blue suit. Of course, for informal occasions, a blue striped shirt or a French blue shirt would look great. You looked so fabulous on Inauguration Day with your beautiful red tie; I hope you will wear more ties in the red family, including burgundy (for power), maroon and raspberry.

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  1. Steven

    I am worried when I see that our president is letting down his dress code. I hope it is not a reflection of a casual attitude towards the nation and its issues. Isn’t the way you dress the outward expression of the inner you? In these difficult times one cannot take the happy-go-lucky route… I sincerely hope the presidential dress code is not a bad omen.

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