Oct 04

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Presidential Debates & What Candidates Wore

President Obama Gov. Romney at the Debates

In terms of color psychology, red trumps blue when it comes to power dressing. Blue implies trust, but  when worn with a blue suit, it just doesn’t pop. Mr. Obama should also take note that a gentleman never wears three solid colors at once, because it looks unimaginative. One of the three elements must contain a pattern. .My advice: if you don’t want to wear a red tie during a debate, choose a red violet one. Purple and violet are classy and elegant colors.  Think Royal Purple, as in the king’s robes.

There’s a reason a red tie is known to be a power tie. Red suggests energy, action and assertiveness. On the negative side, in can represent aggressiveness or impulsiveness. Governor Romney definitely personified the energy of red at the debate.

President Obama, on the other hand, displayed a more calm nature, which is typical of blue.





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