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Red Lipstick -Why It Gets a Bum Rap

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 4.18.26 PM


This is why red lipstick gets a bum rap. Blondes rarely look their best in dark red lipstick when they wear it with drab, earthy colors. Red lipstick demands Big City colors and styles, plus perfect foundation. Also, yellow hair and red lipstick conjure up images of ketchup and mustard. Not good. Kudos to  Drew’s makeup artist, since she resisted the urge to match her yellow hair with a warm foundation. This pink-toned color suits her perfectly

Imagine Drew Barrymore with dark hair all over – and wearing a black dress or maybe a red one! It would be awesome with this dark Femme Fatale lipstick color.


This is the way red lipstick should be worn:

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 4.39.19 PM


No matter what you’re wearing, in terms of makeup or garments, you must achieve total harmony with everything, including your hair color. Because she has blonde hair, Katherine Heigl would actually look even better wearing bright red lipstick like Rihanna’s when she wears black. If she changed her foundation color to a cool pink tone (see Drew, above)  instead of the yellow-toned warm color she is wearing, she would  fare even better with this dark color. The less yellow you have near red lipstick, the better. She’s still looking good, as Katherine Heigl  always does!

Brunettes can wear bright or dark shades of red easily. Rihanna looks divine in her bright red lipstick because it goes with her gown. Of course, she could wear Katherine’s color with ease when she wears black.

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  1. DH

    Isn’t that Charlize Theron next to Rhianna’s photo?

  2. Sandy Dumont

    Yikes! You are right. They do have similar looks, and I they both are extremely beautiful. Thanks for correcting me.
    At any rate, the “rules” work with both women.

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