Jul 09

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Red & Yellow – Ketchup & Mustard

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Some colors go together and some colors simply don’t. For example, tomato red and bright yellow. First of all, these are the two most visible colors in the spectrum, and when you put them together, it’s overkill.

Secondly, these colors, when seen together, inevitably make you think of ketchup and mustard, or fast-food restaurants. In the world of high fashion, these two colors should never meet. Even men’s ties in red and yellow patterns look less classy than red with nearly any other color.

Red is such a powerful color that it can stand alone. However, it pairs well with black, with peacock blue and also white – to name a few popular color schemes.

Of course, when it comes to the color red, it is the color wheel red that is the most popular and the most desired. After all, its name is usually True Red. This is a bright cool red, not a tomato red, which has yellow undertones. Remember, yellow and red are not so classy, so true red is much better.

Below is another instance where yellow should be removed. Fuchsia is too close to red, so there is some lack of harmony with the yellow background color and the exquisite fuchsia dress from Oscar de la Renta. Purple and yellow are opposite each other on the color wheel, so these two colors are lovely together.


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