Oct 26

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Rod Stewart : Classy Trumps Sassy Any Time!

Classy looks for Rod Stewart trump sassy looks

Rod Stewart: Classy vs. Sassy

Rod Stewart is famous for his sassy attitude, but when it comes to image, he looks classier – even sexier – in his elegant black suit and red power tie than he does in the violet silk suit. Even though it’s my favorite color, Rod’s suit doesn’t look very macho or classy. This regal color would be fabulous for a tie, however. Maybe with small black stripes to harmonize with his suit.

Rod often wears brightly-colored satin jackets on stage, but he looks his best when he dons other colors, including black, white and navy blue. There’s something irresistible about a man in a classy and well-tailored suit. And there’s nothing less appealing than a man in a baggy or ill-fitting suit.

All the photos of Rod below (including the cover of his Christmas album where he wears a red tie) are flattering and make him look pretty cool and classy.


Rod Steward - more styles

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