Jan 27

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Ryan Seacrest, I Found Your Tie!


Ryan Seacrest

A word to the wise, Ryan:  Grey is a color that’s born negative.  Think, “Old and grey”, “Sad and grey” and “Tired and grey”–none of which are statements that suit your dynamic and professional persona.  This suit simply has too much grey.

You need a dynamic tie that makes a statement.  This one’s not making much of a statement at all;  think “Grey lie” or “Grey area.”

My favorite color to accompany grey is something in the raspberry or magenta range, and below are a couple of examples.  You could also go for a bold yellow tie.

FYI: Grey shirts are sports shirts, not business shirts.

Carry on, handsome!

DumontBlog012110h DumontBlog012110i

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