Mar 31

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Sartorial Sins

Suit, tie & shirt combinations

A Word to the Wise

President, Obama, President Clinton, Prince Albert:  please take note that you’ve broken one of the most sacred sartorial rules. One of the the main items, shirt/suit/tie, must have a pattern. To wear three solids, is unimaginative, particularly when all three items are in dark shades.
Of the three men, President Clinton comes the closest to breaking this rule successfully. His exquisite magenta tie definitely sets him apart. With his trio of dark colors, His Majesty, Prince Albert, II, of Monaco, does come across as a little bland.

President Obama actually looks the least powerful of the three, because he’s wearing a pastel tie in baby blue. Not a good idea, unless you’re in a situation where you want to come across far less powerful than you are.

Whoops, that’s not all, gentlemen. Trousers should never buckle around the shoes. They may gently break, but never buckle! President Obama and Prince Albert both need to have their trousers shortened a bit.

When you’re in the spotlight, you need to remember that the devil is in the details. You get the tiniest thing wrong and it will be noticed and ruin the whole effect.

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  1. Keller

    Could not agree more with the accuracy of your article.

    With all my respect, just would like to point out that the proper treatment to Albert Grimaldi, Prince of Monaco.
    Since Monaco is a principality instead of a kingdom, the “majesty” status is not accurate,
    The reigning Prince of Monaco, Albert II, is addressed as His Serene Highness. His wife, Princess Charlene, and younger sister, Princess Stéphanie, are also referred to as Her Serene Highness. His elder sister and heiress presumptive, Princess Caroline, was also styled Her Serene Highness prior to her 1999 marriage, but is styled Royal Highness since then. In French, both male and female versions are Son Altesse Sérénissime (S.A.S.), which translates, literally, as “His/Her Most Serene Highness”.

    With love, from Europe.

  2. Sandy Dumont

    Dear Keller,
    Thank you for your feedback and clarification. It is very much appreciated!.

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