Aug 17

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Secretary Hillary Clinton, Good & Bad Styles

photos of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Good & Bad Styles

Bad Style vs. Good Style

Dear Secretary Clinton,

The jacket on the left is in a splendid color for you, but large polka dots are very whimsical, so not appropriate for a formal state occasion, nor for a person of your stature. In addition, big patterns always make a person look bigger; furthermore, big round circles suggest roundness. The best place for polka dots is with blouses or shells worn underneath a suit. The smaller the pattern, the more sophisticated; the bigger the pattern, the more whimsical.

In sharp contrast, the blue suit on the right is very slimming and elongating, because it is a solid sweep of color from head to toe. It can be dressed up or down, unlike the jacket on the left. Lastly, you look especially good in jackets that are worn open.

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