Mar 04

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

The hairdo of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admired by Sandy Dumont, image and style consultant.

Hillary, Yes!! Your hair is nearly there. You look so soft, so pretty. But distinguished, dynamic and powerful, too. The best place to be is in that sweet spot where you are attractive and powerful! That photo on the right is there. Plus you look relaxed, confident and happy!  Tip: The color of the suit on the left is in the pastel range, so that’s best for your personal life, because pastels decrease authority and power.

Here’s a tip for circles when you haven’t had enough sleep. Put a bit of very light concealer ONLY on top of the thin dark line. Let it dry and set. Then gently pat your regular foundation on top. You’ll look instantly refreshed and prettier.

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  1. Stephanie

    Love her hair that way.

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