Apr 21

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Siobhan Magnus Presents Imaginative Image


Simon hated the butterflies–he thought they were leaves–but as part of her “costume”, American Idol contestant Siobhan Magnus chose to wear the whimsical accessories on her shoulder and hand while singing “When You Believe” last night.

Really, the choice was perfect.  Her entire image–whimsical and dramatic–reflected her spoken message, the words she sung.  Perhaps a daring choice of accessories at this stage in the competition, but I think that’s what believing in herself was all about.  And if her image reflects a belief in herself it’s sure to evoke that belief from others.

Your thoughts?

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  1. maggie

    well, it’s not like she went to a job interview with butterflies in her hair! she is on American Idol for heaven’s sake! I think you are right.

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