Nov 03

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Statesman Makes a Poor Image Statement

What was he thinking?

The names of the men pictured below have been withheld, but one of them is currently governor of a state. Guess which one.

If you guessed the man in the attractive suit and tie, I’m sorry to have to tell you that you are wrong. Are you as shocked and dismayed as I am to see a current governor at an official event dressed in a horrid, worn-out denim jacket and drab olive sweater instead of properly representing his office, his state, and his colleagues at this event?  Even at ground-breaking ceremonies with shovels and dirt, men still wear suits!

What makes this scene even more egregious is the fact that this governor was there for a rally before election day.  How do you think the man on the left felt, running for election and having to be endorsed by…well, what looks like just some guy off the street who cares more about his own comfort than anyone else’s?

One of the biggest mistakes people make about “business casual” (in which this governor’s outfit doesn’t even remotely qualify), is to put their own comfort above those of their colleagues and clients.  It is arrogant to assume that you can dress any way you want and that people “won’t really care.”  Even if they can’t put it into words, people are affected by the way you dress, so you want to make sure they react to you in a positive manner!

Readers, what do you think about the manner in which this governor dressed at an election rally?

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