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Apr 04

The book the fashion industry doesn’t want you to read

The most revolution book on color since 1830.

There’s a revolutionary new book coming out in late April. It contains scientifically-proven evidence that you don’t know what you look good in. Nor does anyone in the fashion industry. They don’t want you to know the truth, because they know you’ll no longer be at the whim of fleeting color and style trends. You’ll …

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Jan 21

Michelle Obama- Tres Chic

Michelle Obama looking very chic

President and Mrs. Obama on Inauguration Day, both looking dashing and elegant. Michelle looks especially chic in her Thom Browne blue-checked coat. Later in the day she added her own belt to the coat, but it interrupted the exquisite line of the garment. President Obama, I was hoping you would make a powerful visual statement …

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Feb 27

Oscars – More Color Faux Pas

Five actresses in popular colors

Last night, watching the Oscars in Hollywood, I was struck by the number of beautiful women who made themselves look nearly invisible because of the colors they wore. This is the one night you don’t want to look blah. You want to stand out! If you want to own the room when you enter it, …

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Feb 20

Rick Santorum – Honestly, This Looks Hokey


Congressman Santorum – Honestly, those baggy jeans and that grandpa sweater vest when worn together go way beyond the pale. It makes you look downright hokey and not clued in. Remembering the storm that surrounded President Obama’s “unfashionable” jeans a few years back, I feel compelled to make a comparison. The President was advised to …

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Feb 01

Kim Kardashian – Ditch the Wrap Dress

Kim Kardashian in unflattering wrap dress

Kim Kardashian looks elegant and toned in her beautiful white pantsuit, worn on her recent European trip. It makes her waist look slim, and the padded shoulders of the white top balance her hips and show off an hourglass figure. This is the kind of look she might consider adopting. It’s covertly sexy rather than …

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Aug 23

Hillary Clinton – Good/Bad Colors

Image Consultant Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect, reviews Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's color choices from the point of power dressing

Madame Secretary, just a gentle reminder that all colors in the peach or apricot family will cause you to pale out and disappear into your clothing. Not a good idea for a woman of your standing and presence. It can actually diminish power and credibility. On the other hand, the deep royal blue color above …

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Aug 16

President Obama, Where’s Your Tie?

President Obama on his recent trip to Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois, speaking to a group in Mn.

Dear President Obama, Where is your tie? As President of the United States, you don’t need to dress down for any occasion. You are there to represent the office of the President of the most powerful country in the world. Just as an expert speaker wears a tie (but not a jacket) when he does …

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Feb 01

Those Devilish Details

Juanita Before and After

When it comes to image, you get one thing wrong and that’s all they notice. When you get all those little details right, then they only notice YOU. It’s all about impact that is made in a matter of one or two seconds. Juanita arrived at the makeover workshop looking attractive, but she didn’t know …

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Oct 27

Political Candidates Need a Winning Wardrobe

Political Candidates Need a Winning Wardrobe

This is a group of politicians running for national office in 2008 from an unidentified state. It’s doubtful the men in the photo used an image consultant, because four of them have committed big image errors. As I alternate each month between male and female case studies, I’ll skip the woman in the photo. Only …

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Sep 07

The Devil’s in the Details for Rand Paul…and others


Rand Paul is an attractive man, but when he’s having a bad hair day, it’s another matter. It’s no wonder we refer to hair as a person’s crowning glory. A bad hair day can cause a person to look dated or even less attractive. On the left, he looks not only less attractive, but less …

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