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Jan 21

Michelle Obama- Tres Chic

Michelle Obama looking very chic

President and Mrs. Obama on Inauguration Day, both looking dashing and elegant. Michelle looks especially chic in her Thom Browne blue-checked coat. Later in the day she added her own belt to the coat, but it interrupted the exquisite line of the garment. President Obama, I was hoping you would make a powerful visual statement …

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Aug 16

President Obama, Where’s Your Tie?

President Obama on his recent trip to Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois, speaking to a group in Mn.

Dear President Obama, Where is your tie? As President of the United States, you don’t need to dress down for any occasion. You are there to represent the office of the President of the most powerful country in the world. Just as an expert speaker wears a tie (but not a jacket) when he does …

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Jul 07

Obama, Ditch Baby Blue Ties

Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect has some advice for Our President, Barack Obama.

Dear Mr. President, There you go again wearing the ever-popular baby blue tie. It may have been popularized by President George Bush, but this is a Palm Beach look, not a power  look. Ties should talk; instead, this one puts you to sleep. Just like a baby in a pastel blue room. Now you know …

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Jul 06

President Obama’s WOW Tie

Sandy Dumont, international image consultant takes a look at the dress code of the President of the USA.

Dear President Obama, Love that raspberry tie! I consider raspberry the “new red” because it’s both powerful and regal. Nothing beats a red tie for pure undiluted energy and power; but remember, purple is part red and part blue. Purple is also regal – think “the King’s robe.”You can’t  have too many navy blue suits …

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Jul 06

Obama & White Shirts

Shirts and ties analysis by The Image Architect, Sandy dumont for Mr. President, Barack Obama

Dear President Obama, White shirts are very formal, so they always require a power tie, and pastel ties can never qualify as power ties. It’s particularly important to take your tie into consideration when you remove your jacket, because there’s always a loss of authority without a suit jacket. Thus, it’s doubly important to avoid …

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Jun 29

President Obama, try French blue

Is there a Presidential Look? Sandy Dumont international image consultant has the answer...

Mr. President, the most formal shirt is a white one. Sometimes it looks out of place when worn without a jacket. A French blue shirt does not. Even wearing a dark suit jacket with a white shirt looks like an abandoned orphan – and out of place. I’d love to see you wear more French …

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Jun 27

Obama’s Purple Power Tie

The White House dressing codes. Sandy Dumont, international style consultant comments on Barack Obama's outfits.

President Obama, please don’t wear a grey suit with a grey tie; it’s blah and boring. Grey is born negative – old & grey, tired & grey, sad & grey –  and needs a powerful tie to give it power and presence. Your purple tie does just that! Always think “contrast” when you’re selecting a …

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Apr 01

President Obama’s Power Tie

Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect gives advice to President Obama

Now that’s a presidential look on the left. White shirts are the most formal, so they are the most powerful; however, you need a power tie to match, and one that is also dynamic. The darker the color, the higher the authority, but the tie in the center photo isn’t appropriate for a dark suit …

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Feb 27

Barack Obama – Tie Lesson

President Obama watched by Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect

Dear Mr. President, A reminder that grey is a very passive color and needs to be made positive by the addition of a power tie in a bold color. The tie on the left is just plain wimpy. Pale colors come across as passive and powerless. A man’s tie is the only place where he …

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Jan 19

President Obama Take Note

Our President

Most men forget that when you wear a tie, you must have contrast with your suit and/or shirt. Grey Suit + Grey Tie = Boring, and it doesn’t make a statement. Love the red striped power tie with your dark navy blue suit and white shirt. Now that’s presidential. Grey is a color that was …

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