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Jan 28

Is Hugh Jackman the Sexiest Man?

Three Photos of Hugh Jackman

You probably recognize Hugh Jackman, once voted “The Sexiest Man Alive” by People Magazine. The man on the right hardly looks sexy, or even attractive. It’s Jackman portraying Jean Valjean in his latest film, Les Miserables. So what enables a man to be called attractive? There are a number of things. He usually possesses the following characteristics: …

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Feb 27

Oscar Night – Emma Stone makes them pale by comparison


Last night at the Oscars, as expected, I saw many celebrities and stars wearing pale “blush” colors, and they aren’t doing themselves any favors. When you have pale skin, you make yourself look even paler. And when you forgo lipstick for the so-called “natural” look of today, you even begin to look sickly. Too many …

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Feb 13

Best & Worst Fashion at Grammys


Katy Perry, what were you thinking? This dress makes you look matronly. You need to fire your stylist. I don’t mind blue hair, but that hairstyle is also unflattering – it makes your neck look too muscular. Throw that gown away! Rhiianna, this is your best look yet. Keep that sexy blonde hair. Red is …

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May 29

The Top 10 Most Iconic Dresses of the Past 50 Years – Yes or No.


Original article by Joanna Douglas of “Shine” from YAHOO!®  You’ll love this gallery of stars and their dresses. This list was compiled by Joanne Douglas after seeing a “Top Ten” list compiled by a British online fashion retailer. Tell me what you think about her choices – my comments are below. [imagebrowser id=top10] Photos by …

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Jul 29

Katie Couric- You need contrast.

Katie, this is a good try, but it is just a little too washed out. You need more contrast with your beautiful face!

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Jul 15

Katie Couric- Power in White!

Katie, wearing all white makes a powerful impact. However, it would be more effective with white accessories as well. Otherwise, it’s no different than wearing a white T-shirt.

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Jul 13

Katie Couric- Smart and snappy!

Katie, love that zebra pattern with your suit. It makes it look snappy and sharp.

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Jul 10

Katie Couric- Looking Great, Having Fun

Katie, fun outfit. Polka dots are a great way to pick up the suit color and have a bit of fun at the same time. The larger the polka dots are, the more whimsical they are.

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Jul 07

Katie Couric- sweet not powerful

Yes, Katie, pastels are truly without presence. You look very sweet in this baby blue jacket, but it doesn’t reflect the stature required for the Evening News. Ditch the pastels for once and for all!

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Jul 03

Katie Couric- Blah blah blah!

Katie, this just isn’t a go. First of all, the neckline of the blouse should be round, not pointed, because you have “points” on your suit collar. Secondly, the ivory/yellow color isn’t bold enough to perk up the blah grey jacket. A peacock blue scoop-neck blouse would take your jacket to another level.

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