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Jul 28

Gwyneth Paltrow – Give Up Satin


  Wow! Look at the popularity of Gwyneth’s gunmetal grey satin gown. Obviously, everyone loves Gwyneth, and as a result, we’re all forgiving of an unflattering garment. Look closely, and you’ll see – as usual – that satin seems to make “lumps and bumps” appear out of nowhere. Even the super svelte Gwyneth looks a …

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Jul 12

Prince Charles – Word to the Wise

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 10.01.56 AM

  Your Royal Highness, like most gentlemen with light to medium skin, camel is not a flattering colour. First, it is so pale that you literally fade into your coat. Navy blue is a much better colour for you. Look closely, and you’ll see that camel also makes the face splotchy. Better to give up …

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Jul 07

Queen Maxima, Regal in Red

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 1.36.55 PM

  Queen Maxima of the Netherlands is definitely looking regal in red. Her red dress looks better with red shoes, though. Beige is fine if you don’t happen to have red shoes. But every woman should own a pair  of red shoes! They’re the icing on the cake. Speaking of icing, the blush peach dress …

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Jul 06

Jennifer Lawrence: Good, Better, Best and NO


Jennifer Lawrence has a chameleon-like appearance. As she changes hair color, she changes her appearance and persona dramatically. She looks good in the coral and white floral print dress, but they’re not her colors. Her hair is pretty and youthful looking, but it’s the wrong shade of blonde; it’s a harsh yellow. This dress is …

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Jul 04

A Study in Line


This beautiful actress has done everything wrong with “line” that is possible. First, the neckline makes it appear as if her bust line is sagging and too low. It also makes her bosom look nearly flat. She is definitely longer in the torso than in the legs, and the neckline of her dress exaggerates this. …

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Mar 31

Sartorial Sins

Suit, tie & shirt combinations

President, Obama, President Clinton, Prince Albert:  please take note that you’ve broken one of the most sacred sartorial rules. One of the the main items, shirt/suit/tie, must have a pattern. To wear three solids, is unimaginative, particularly when all three items are in dark shades. Of the three men, President Clinton comes the closest to …

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Mar 06

HAIR: Curly, wavy or straight?

Photos: curly and straight hair

Celebrities on the Hollywood red carpet usually go for glamorous waves or lots of curls. Psychologically, massive waves or curls can suggest high-maintenance. Curls are also fluffy and scattered, so it can imply subliminally the same about you. Straight hair, on the other hand, suggests you get straight to the point and are not complicated. …

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Jan 21

Michelle Obama- Tres Chic

Michelle Obama looking very chic

President and Mrs. Obama on Inauguration Day, both looking dashing and elegant. Michelle looks especially chic in her Thom Browne blue-checked coat. Later in the day she added her own belt to the coat, but it interrupted the exquisite line of the garment. President Obama, I was hoping you would make a powerful visual statement …

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Jan 21

New Hairstyle for Michelle.

Michelle's Bangs

Michelle Obama’s new hairstyle is youthful and fashionable.Love it! One observation:  her hair looks more elegant in the photo on the left, where the hair was blown dry so that it frames her face softly. In the photo on the right, it nearly wants to flip up, so you see the choppy ends. Choppy ends …

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Oct 26

Rod Stewart : Classy Trumps Sassy Any Time!

Classy looks for Rod Stewart trump sassy looks

Rod Stewart is famous for his sassy attitude, but when it comes to image, he looks classier – even sexier – in his elegant black suit and red power tie than he does in the violet silk suit. Even though it’s my favorite color, Rod’s suit doesn’t look very macho or classy. This regal color …

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