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Jun 27

Cindy Crawford – Dark Brown vs. Light Brown Hair

Ccindy Dark

Image Consultant Sandy Dumont demonstrates with Cindy Crawford’s photos why dark hair shouldn’t be lightened. Sandy is master of color.

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Feb 23

Newt Gingrich – Too Much Blue


Newt Gingrich – You’ve fallen into the trap that most men do: wearing a blue tie with a blue suit. Boring. Your tie needs to pop and make a statement – like your red tie does. Your tie would look fine if it were red with small blue stripes; that way, the red would make …

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Aug 23

Hillary Clinton – Good/Bad Colors

Image Consultant Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect, reviews Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's color choices from the point of power dressing

Madame Secretary, just a gentle reminder that all colors in the peach or apricot family will cause you to pale out and disappear into your clothing. Not a good idea for a woman of your standing and presence. It can actually diminish power and credibility. On the other hand, the deep royal blue color above …

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Aug 16

President Obama, Where’s Your Tie?

President Obama on his recent trip to Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois, speaking to a group in Mn.

Dear President Obama, Where is your tie? As President of the United States, you don’t need to dress down for any occasion. You are there to represent the office of the President of the most powerful country in the world. Just as an expert speaker wears a tie (but not a jacket) when he does …

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Jul 24

Kate Middleton’s Pantyhose

Image and fashion consultant Sandy Dumont comments on Kate Middleton's pantyhose

There’s been a lot of talk and even furor over Kate Middleton’s sheer and shimmery pantyhose. Some women have taken an oath to never wear pantyhose again, and they are up at arms over the situation. Pantyhose sales are up and women are emulating the stylish Duchess. “Don’t give in,” these “liberated” women cry in …

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Jul 28

What’s Wrong With This Picture…

From left to right: The woman on the left looks reasonably good. However, she looks like an entry-level greenhorn because of (1) her long teenage hair and (2) lack of accessories such as earrings and a belt. A little (3) lipstick would also give her a more professional and powerful look. The man next to …

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Jul 16

Obama in DADDY JEANS? No Way!

A lot of so called fashion experts accused that were too loose, they were not slim cut enough, in other words they were not sexy enough. I’m sure if he wore designer jeans that were skin tight and sexy, he would get complaints from the average American saying “it’s not fitting for the president to …

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Jul 15

Katie Couric- Power in White!

Katie, wearing all white makes a powerful impact. However, it would be more effective with white accessories as well. Otherwise, it’s no different than wearing a white T-shirt.

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Jul 13

Katie Couric- Smart and snappy!

Katie, love that zebra pattern with your suit. It makes it look snappy and sharp.

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Jul 10

Katie Couric- Looking Great, Having Fun

Katie, fun outfit. Polka dots are a great way to pick up the suit color and have a bit of fun at the same time. The larger the polka dots are, the more whimsical they are.

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