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Jul 03

Hillary Clinton – Short & Chic


Hillary, you’re looking glamorous with this slightly-bouffant hairdo. Great color, great style. Why not bring it back? Fuller hairstyles are  gaining popularity now, and for good reason:  they are flattering. Cool, pink-toned foundation will smooth those lines, make you look younger and have greater overall harmony! Yellow-toned foundations and peachy blushers don’t go with your …

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Jun 30

Long Skirts Look Rigid and Dated

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 2.56.38 PM

  Amazingly, long skirts continue to be seen. In spite of the fact that they create a long, rigid line, which makes a woman seem stiff as well as less approachable. If you want to cover your legs, It’s better to wear pants instead. At least pants permit the hourglas shape of a woman’s body …

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May 16


This is the book the fashion, makeup and image industries do not want you to read. This ebook was years in the making and based on thirty years hands-on and in-depth research. Social biologists have proven that everything you do and every decision you make is based on primitive instincts, relating to survival, including the …

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Jul 11

Hillary, Yes to Yellow

Fashion expert Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect has some advice for Mrs. Clinton, Secretary of State.

That’s a lovely yellow jacket – the beautiful trim adds a lot of oomph and style. This is the perfect yellow for you; it’s a soft chiffon yellow. Buttercup yellow, canary and mustard yellow are all warm shades of yellow and wouldn’t suit you. Mustard yellow is also very drab and dreary looking. Your suit …

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Jul 06

Hillary, Don’t Wear Orange

Our Secretary of State is image analyzed by The Image Architect

Madam Secretary, You look so beautiful in the photo on the left. Your hair is lovely, and so is your suit and that face-framing blouse.  It’s wonderful to see you in more feminine styles. Those blazer suits sometimes look severe; plus they don’t usually flatter your figure or your persona. That orange blazer suit on …

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Jun 29

Hillary’s Best Look

Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect comments on Hillary Clinton's image style.

Madam Secretary, the photo on the left is simply fabulous! Your hair looks youthful, sophisticated and pretty. Your colors are perfect as well; and it’s a fabulous necklace. In the middle photo, the suit is a winner, but your hair is pulled back from your forehead too much. It will look so much more flattering …

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Jun 06

From “Taken for Granted” to “Big Promotion”

Total Image Transformation by Sandy Dumont The Image Architect

“It seems there’s no limit to where a makeover can lead!” This was a remark made by Mary Ann after a weekend Stiletto Camp. She continued, “I was very empowered and energized by your Stiletto Camp. I bought a few key pieces to get going in the right direction and applied all the principles you …

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Apr 05

Katie Couric, Necklines Matter

Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect comments on Katie Couric's image.

A reminder that necklines matter. The orange shell is close to the “Hanes T-shirt” line, so it it not a flattering line for women. This line emphasizes  the neck, usually making it appear wider. That’s okay for men, but not for women. Wear your shells no higher than the collar bone for the most flattering …

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Apr 03

Katie Couric, Good, Better, Best

Katie Couric, anchor on the CBS Evening News image watched by Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect

Your hair is getting better and better. The taupe suit is nice, but it’s a little monochromatic in terms of hair, skin and garments. Adding bolder accessories would enable you to make a more powerful statement. The middle jacket is also lovely, but the olive green color of the blouse  seems a bit drab, and …

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Mar 31

Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton gets image tips from Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect

Hillary, your hair looks great in the left photo- especially the right side in this photo  (your left side), because it is slightly angled so that  it frames your face so nicely. The photo on the right isn’t as good, because you have swept the bangs back, presumably to keep them out of your eyes. …

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