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Jul 04

A Study in Line


This beautiful actress has done everything wrong with “line” that is possible. First, the neckline makes it appear as if her bust line is sagging and too low. It also makes her bosom look nearly flat. She is definitely longer in the torso than in the legs, and the neckline of her dress exaggerates this. …

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Jul 02

Red Lipstick -Why It Gets a Bum Rap

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 4.18.26 PM

  This is why red lipstick gets a bum rap. Blondes rarely look their best in dark red lipstick when they wear it with drab, earthy colors. Red lipstick demands Big City colors and styles, plus perfect foundation. Also, yellow hair and red lipstick conjure up images of ketchup and mustard. Not good. Kudos to …

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Jun 30

Long Skirts Look Rigid and Dated

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 2.56.38 PM

  Amazingly, long skirts continue to be seen. In spite of the fact that they create a long, rigid line, which makes a woman seem stiff as well as less approachable. If you want to cover your legs, It’s better to wear pants instead. At least pants permit the hourglas shape of a woman’s body …

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Jun 29

Makeup Artists: Stop Matching Makeup to Hair Color

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 8.30.28 AM

Tyra Banks is a beautiful woman. She’s prettier, however, when makeup artists respect her skin’s natural coppery-pink undertones (photos left). Most stylists and makeup artists make the mistake of matching the ¬†hair color or “harmonizing” makeup to the superficial appearance. It doesn’t work. You get “Perfect Makeup” – which is what we’re used to – …

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Jun 28

Three Faces of Sofia Vegara


Sofia Vegara’s hair – as a blonde, with straight hair, with wavy hair

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Jun 27

Cindy Crawford – Dark Brown vs. Light Brown Hair

Ccindy Dark

Image Consultant Sandy Dumont demonstrates with Cindy Crawford’s photos why dark hair shouldn’t be lightened. Sandy is master of color.

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Jun 27

Wynona Ryder – Better in Dark Hair or Light Hair?


Dark brown hair that is almost black should never be lightened. Image Consultant Sandy Dumont demonstrates this principle with photos of Wynona Ryder

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Jun 25

Emma Stone in Warm & Cool Colors


Emma Stone was born blonde but dyed her hair auburn brown in order to get more mature acting rolls. In the photo left, no doubt a Hollywood stylist suggested she wear warm makeup and garments, due to the red tones in her hair. She is a beautiful woman in any color hair or garment, but …

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Jun 01

Ties are Still the Best Power Tool


Ties convey authority and status. Image consultants agree that they increase credibility, status and respect.
The Image Architect; power dressing

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Apr 29

Redheads Have Warm Hair, But Cool Skin


The fashion and makeup industry have doomed redheads to a life of garish and harsh orange makeup and garments. Check the Red Carpet or the pages of fashion magazines, and redheads will be clad in peach, coral, salmon and orange. And that’s in spite of the fact that redheads have more visible pink in their …

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