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Jul 04

A Study in Line


This beautiful actress has done everything wrong with “line” that is possible. First, the neckline makes it appear as if her bust line is sagging and too low. It also makes her bosom look nearly flat. She is definitely longer in the torso than in the legs, and the neckline of her dress exaggerates this. …

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Jul 03

Hillary Clinton – Short & Chic


Hillary, you’re looking glamorous with this slightly-bouffant hairdo. Great color, great style. Why not bring it back? Fuller hairstyles are ¬†gaining popularity now, and for good reason: ¬†they are flattering. Cool, pink-toned foundation will smooth those lines, make you look younger and have greater overall harmony! Yellow-toned foundations and peachy blushers don’t go with your …

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Jul 02

Red Lipstick -Why It Gets a Bum Rap

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 4.18.26 PM

  This is why red lipstick gets a bum rap. Blondes rarely look their best in dark red lipstick when they wear it with drab, earthy colors. Red lipstick demands Big City colors and styles, plus perfect foundation. Also, yellow hair and red lipstick conjure up images of ketchup and mustard. Not good. Kudos to …

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Jul 01

Taylor Swift – Red Lipstick is About Attitude

TaylorSwift - Sandy Dumont loves your red lipstick - and why

  Taylor Swift will be 23 on December 13. Too young to wear red lipstick many would say. Red is a state of mind, and that includes red lipstick. It’s not how old you are, it’s your attitude. Taylor Swift definitely has more attitude in red lipstick than in lipstick that is “appropriate” for her …

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Jul 01

Julianne Moore and Makeup Colors


  Julianne, you’re gorgeous, but you need to change your makeup from warm to cool colors. My 30 years research indicates that most redheads have cool, not warm, skin. That means you will look more natural and prettier with subtle pink undertones in your makeup. Your face will pop more with cool makeup. See the …

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Jun 28

Three Faces of Sofia Vegara


Sofia Vegara’s hair – as a blonde, with straight hair, with wavy hair

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Jun 27

Cindy Crawford – Dark Brown vs. Light Brown Hair

Ccindy Dark

Image Consultant Sandy Dumont demonstrates with Cindy Crawford’s photos why dark hair shouldn’t be lightened. Sandy is master of color.

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Jun 27

Wynona Ryder – Better in Dark Hair or Light Hair?


Dark brown hair that is almost black should never be lightened. Image Consultant Sandy Dumont demonstrates this principle with photos of Wynona Ryder

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Mar 06

HAIR: Curly, wavy or straight?

Photos: curly and straight hair

Celebrities on the Hollywood red carpet usually go for glamorous waves or lots of curls. Psychologically, massive waves or curls can suggest high-maintenance. Curls are also fluffy and scattered, so it can imply subliminally the same about you. Straight hair, on the other hand, suggests you get straight to the point and are not complicated. …

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Feb 06

Hillary, Looking Radiant


It’s obvious Hillary Clinton needed some time off to rest. She looks radiant, happy and beautiful in the photo far right. While not high fashion, her current hairstyle suits her, and it’s a style that is easy to care for. The color is especially nice. Short hair that is stylishly cut also suits Mrs. Clinton. …

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