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May 10

CAMEL: Beloved – but not in the mirror…

Colr and style for men's jackets analyzed by Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect.

Camel, tan, brown, khaki – no matter what you call it, this color shouldn’t be worn by anyone with greying hair. First of all, the two colors are jarring when seen together. Secondly, this color very often makes the skin look yellow as well as very washed out. Check it out in the mirror. Put …

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Jan 27

Ryan Seacrest, I Found Your Tie!


Ryan Seacrest A word to the wise, Ryan:  Grey is a color that’s born negative.  Think, “Old and grey”, “Sad and grey” and “Tired and grey”–none of which are statements that suit your dynamic and professional persona.  This suit simply has too much grey. You need a dynamic tie that makes a statement.  This one’s …

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