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Jun 01

Ties are Still the Best Power Tool


Ties convey authority and status. Image consultants agree that they increase credibility, status and respect.
The Image Architect; power dressing

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Nov 08

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Sandy Dumont, your image consultant about men's ties and belts.

This man has a lot going for him. He is handsome as well as slim and toned, so he looks great in his dark navy blue suit and slim-fit shirt in French Blue. However, there are a few things that need tweaking. First of all, the belt buckle is too large and sporty looking. A …

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Sep 08

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

How many image mistakes can you find in this photo that might suggest the person is not a true business professional? Test your I.Q. (Image Quotient) against that of the Image Architect. If you find four image mistakes, you are average; seven errors and you are good; nine mistakes and you are very good; ten …

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Jun 18

Katie Couric- DYNAMITE!

Katie, that’s the way I like to see you look: dynamite! Red is the most exciting and energetic color of all, and you also look extremely attractive in this powerful color. Hoe to see you in more powerful colors in the future.

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Jun 09

Tony awards faux pas- Neil Harris and Will Ferrell

Okay guys, here’s the story. Business ties look funny with a sexy tuxedo, no matter what color they are. The purpose of the bow tie is to look whimsical instead of scary like a black business tie does. Think undertaker. Black has many personalities, and one of which is forbidding, like Gestapo, Mafia, so that’s …

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Jun 05

President Obama, Role Model Please!

Dear President Obama, You’ve taken a bit of flack for going to the theater in New York City without wearing a tie. The office of President of the United States is such a venerable one, that I think it demands a tie even at the theater in Podunk. You look so much more handsome when …

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Jun 01

Question of the Month

Question: Striped business suits are appropriate for Answer: a. Boardroom and other formal business occasion b. Networking events c. Evening soriees (click here to answer the quiz)

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Feb 24

Hugh Jackman, Sexiest Man Alive for a Reason!

Hooray for Hugh Jackman. The sexiest man in the world realizes that only a bowtie is appropriate with a tuxedo. Those black business ties make you look like you’re driving a hearse. Incidentally the bowties is a tie of choice with a tuxedo is whimsical and it prevents black from being too threatening as a …

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