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Jan 08

BUSINESS CASUAL / Brand Yourself Classy


If your company has a business casual policy, you might wish to limit how far you “dress down” if you want to protect your valuable visual brand.  With the popularity of business shirts in windowpane plaids, it’s possible to look dressed down even when wearing a tie. The plaid shirt above looks informal, but it has …

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May 10

CAMEL: Beloved – but not in the mirror…

Colr and style for men's jackets analyzed by Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect.

Camel, tan, brown, khaki – no matter what you call it, this color shouldn’t be worn by anyone with greying hair. First of all, the two colors are jarring when seen together. Secondly, this color very often makes the skin look yellow as well as very washed out. Check it out in the mirror. Put …

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Jan 29

Men, Don’t Let Your Collar Choke Your Professional Image


Gentlemen, I’ve been hard at work in my Norfolk, Virginia studio, finishing up my soon-to-be-released  e-book just for men. I found this perfect example of what can go drastically wrong with a simple choice of collars  and had to pass it along to you with an insider’s tip from the book:  Always choose a collar …

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