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Jun 01

Ties are Still the Best Power Tool


Ties convey authority and status. Image consultants agree that they increase credibility, status and respect.
The Image Architect; power dressing

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Jan 08

BUSINESS CASUAL / Brand Yourself Classy


If your company has a business casual policy, you might wish to limit how far you “dress down” if you want to protect your valuable visual brand.  With the popularity of business shirts in windowpane plaids, it’s possible to look dressed down even when wearing a tie. The plaid shirt above looks informal, but it has …

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Jan 01

Which Man Looks More Powerful?

Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect advises on power looks for men.

The man on the left is older, giving him a slight edge, because of implied experience. However, he wears an invisible tie, taking away any edge he may have had. A man’s tie is his power tool, and it’s also what distinguishes him from other men in suits and ties. The white shirt and “matching” …

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Nov 08

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Sandy Dumont, your image consultant about men's ties and belts.

This man has a lot going for him. He is handsome as well as slim and toned, so he looks great in his dark navy blue suit and slim-fit shirt in French Blue. However, there are a few things that need tweaking. First of all, the belt buckle is too large and sporty looking. A …

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Jul 07

Obama, Ditch Baby Blue Ties

Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect has some advice for Our President, Barack Obama.

Dear Mr. President, There you go again wearing the ever-popular baby blue tie. It may have been popularized by President George Bush, but this is a Palm Beach look, not a power  look. Ties should talk; instead, this one puts you to sleep. Just like a baby in a pastel blue room. Now you know …

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Jul 06

Obama & White Shirts

Shirts and ties analysis by The Image Architect, Sandy dumont for Mr. President, Barack Obama

Dear President Obama, White shirts are very formal, so they always require a power tie, and pastel ties can never qualify as power ties. It’s particularly important to take your tie into consideration when you remove your jacket, because there’s always a loss of authority without a suit jacket. Thus, it’s doubly important to avoid …

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Apr 01

President Obama’s Power Tie

Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect gives advice to President Obama

Now that’s a presidential look on the left. White shirts are the most formal, so they are the most powerful; however, you need a power tie to match, and one that is also dynamic. The darker the color, the higher the authority, but the tie in the center photo isn’t appropriate for a dark suit …

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Feb 27

Barack Obama – Tie Lesson

President Obama watched by Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect

Dear Mr. President, A reminder that grey is a very passive color and needs to be made positive by the addition of a power tie in a bold color. The tie on the left is just plain wimpy. Pale colors come across as passive and powerless. A man’s tie is the only place where he …

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Feb 24

President Obama’s Ties

Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect watches President Obama

Dear Mr. President, Please don’t wear any more pastel blue ties. I know former President Bush wore them all the time; and I assume it’s because  he had John Molloy’s “Dress for Success” book, which had a dark power suit teamed with a light blue tie on the cover. Mr. Molloy did lots of research …

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Jan 28

Floral Tie Conveys Wrong Message in Business


CNN’s Rick Sanchez Rick, you’re such a pro, and a charmer as well, that’s why I must tell you that the floral tie you’re wearing is wimpy.  Floral prints just don’t go with the “business” look that an anchor must convey.  Also, I would suggest a tie in burgundy, red or raspberry to create beautiful …

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