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Jan 21

Michelle Obama- Tres Chic

Michelle Obama looking very chic

President and Mrs. Obama on Inauguration Day, both looking dashing and elegant. Michelle looks especially chic in her Thom Browne blue-checked coat. Later in the day she added her own belt to the coat, but it interrupted the exquisite line of the garment. President Obama, I was hoping you would make a powerful visual statement …

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Jul 16

Obama in DADDY JEANS? No Way!

A lot of so called fashion experts accused that were too loose, they were not slim cut enough, in other words they were not sexy enough. I’m sure if he wore designer jeans that were skin tight and sexy, he would get complaints from the average American saying “it’s not fitting for the president to …

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Jun 05

President Obama, Role Model Please!

Dear President Obama, You’ve taken a bit of flack for going to the theater in New York City without wearing a tie. The office of President of the United States is such a venerable one, that I think it demands a tie even at the theater in Podunk. You look so much more handsome when …

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May 19

Michelle Obama exquisite in “Royal Purple”

Glad to see Michelle following her own instincts again and wearing purple. It’s a color that suits her, because it makes her face light up – and, of course, also because it’s a regal color! Ms. Obama is a source of inspiration for women throughout the country.

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Feb 26

President Obama- Image of a True Leader

Yes! That is Presidential, Mr. Obama. Those red ties say action, courage, strength. Keep it up. Nancy Pelosi, incidentally, is not in one of her usual jewel tones and needs to ditch the army fatigues colors.

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Feb 04

President Obama’s White House Attire

Andrew Card, former Chief of Staff for President George Bush, blasted President Obama for dressing too casually in the White House. He feels strongly that the dress code for the White Hous should respect the office of the President. Dear Mr. President. I do, too. And I hope you don’t mind if I give you …

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