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Jul 20

Power Look vs. Gangster Look

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 5.06.49 PM

  The shirt and tie combo on the left is often worn by men  It’s a fashion look, not a power look. Furthermore, when you wear a black shirt with either a light tie or a dark tie, it imparts a gangster look. Fashion looks are not board room or power looks. You may get …

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Jul 10

Meryl Streep – Divine in “Prada”

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 11.00.40 AM

Meryl, you look so beautiful with your “high fashion” look in “The Devil Wears Prada.” Especially your hair. Please bring it back!  

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Oct 26

Rod Stewart : Classy Trumps Sassy Any Time!

Classy looks for Rod Stewart trump sassy looks

Rod Stewart is famous for his sassy attitude, but when it comes to image, he looks classier – even sexier – in his elegant black suit and red power tie than he does in the violet silk suit. Even though it’s my favorite color, Rod’s suit doesn’t look very macho or classy. This regal color …

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Oct 17

Obama vs. Romney- Style Matters


President Obama was the clear winner in terms of style. A red tie always conveys power. However, the darker the color the higher the authority, so the dark red tie conveyed very high authority. Add to that the formal-looking small repeating dots, and you’ve got a Presidential look that conveys immediate confidence and authority. Romney …

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Oct 04

Michelle Obama + Ann Romney at Debates

Michelle & Ann and What they Wore to the Debates

The presidential debates. were graced with two lovely ladies, but their attire was entirely different. Michelle Obama wore one of her best colors, royal blue. However, the short jacket that she seems to favor is not her best style. It creates an imbalance  at her torso. When a person is high-waisted, it’s possible to carry …

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Sep 04

Who Looks Good in a Grey Suit?

Color and style of businessmen analyzed

Grey is a popular suit color for businessmen. One reason is because it is neutral. Another is that It’s not intimidating, like black can sometimes be. It’s also not as formal as navy blue, so it’s thought of as a good everyday suit color. Nearly every man has a grey suit. But should he? Which …

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Jun 26

Leaders or Followers? Why?

SandyDumont The Image Architect gives image & style advice for professionals.

Everyone is this photo is dressed safely, so as to not rock the boat. When you’re a true leader, you dress to make a statement about who you are. Your attire should shout confidence not caution. The man on the left has strong body language and he wears an authoritative dark suit. However his tie …

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Apr 02

Black As Your Office Uniform


A recent survey taken by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) revealed that 56% of the respondents said that they wore black to work most of the time. Eight per cent wore gray, brown or another neutral. Only 1.61% said they wore something bright most of the time. The four women in the …

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Feb 26

Tim Gunn Needs an Image Consultant


Apparently, fashion Guru Tim Gunn hasn’t updated himself about color. A lot of famous designers are in the same boat, so it’s no surprise. The first rule of color is that you never match your clothing to your superficial appearance, or you’ll blend into your garments and look washed out. So, if you have grey …

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Feb 23

Newt Gingrich – Too Much Blue


Newt Gingrich – You’ve fallen into the trap that most men do: wearing a blue tie with a blue suit. Boring. Your tie needs to pop and make a statement – like your red tie does. Your tie would look fine if it were red with small blue stripes; that way, the red would make …

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