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Jan 08

BUSINESS CASUAL / Brand Yourself Classy


If your company has a business casual policy, you might wish to limit how far you “dress down” if you want to protect your valuable visual brand.  With the popularity of business shirts in windowpane plaids, it’s possible to look dressed down even when wearing a tie. The plaid shirt above looks informal, but it has …

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Sep 05

Evolution of French Blue Business Shirts

Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect points out the evolution of the French blue business shirt

Former French Prime Minister Alain Juppé was the first person to have worn a business dress shirt (center shirt) in a shade of blue several times darker than the classic Oxford blue. It was about 1995, and my Belgian husband Stefaan and I were living in Brussels at the time. I noticed how attractive the …

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Jul 19

From Drab to to Dynamic

Sandy Dumont, international image consultant

Many men with light brown hair are drawn to brown suits or sport jackets. However, the first rule of thumb to remember is that you never match your garments to your superficial appearance. That is, unless you’re a spy and want to go completely unnoticed. The second rule of thumb is that your tie must …

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Jul 06

Obama & White Shirts

Shirts and ties analysis by The Image Architect, Sandy dumont for Mr. President, Barack Obama

Dear President Obama, White shirts are very formal, so they always require a power tie, and pastel ties can never qualify as power ties. It’s particularly important to take your tie into consideration when you remove your jacket, because there’s always a loss of authority without a suit jacket. Thus, it’s doubly important to avoid …

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