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Jul 02

Red Lipstick -Why It Gets a Bum Rap

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 4.18.26 PM

  This is why red lipstick gets a bum rap. Blondes rarely look their best in dark red lipstick when they wear it with drab, earthy colors. Red lipstick demands Big City colors and styles, plus perfect foundation. Also, yellow hair and red lipstick conjure up images of ketchup and mustard. Not good. Kudos to …

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Aug 07

Which Makeup Looks More Natural?

Blue eyeshadow or smoky eye?

The combination of pale lips and soft blue eyeshadow is seen often on young women, but also on women past thirty. It is thought to look natural. It is anything but natural. The lips of newborn babies are not “icy pink” – they are a delicate shade of orchid. If you look closely at Old …

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Sep 30

Now That’s a Makeover


Lady Gaga has transformed herself from a frumpy street urchin (left) to a high-fashion pinup. It’s acknowledged that she’s had a nose job (see before and after photos below), but it’s likely that she’s also had a little liposuction at the jawline. My favorite photo of her is the center photo, because she looks so …

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Oct 08

Katie Couric, Don’t Fade Away on Us


Katie, this V-neck is so stark and black that it’s overwhelming.  It’s also quite casual for your position.  Tailored jackets really do suit you best. Here you wear so little makeup and accessories that you blend right into the wooden wall behind you.    These earrings are so small and insignificant that you may as well …

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