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Jun 30

Long Skirts Look Rigid and Dated

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 2.56.38 PM

  Amazingly, long skirts continue to be seen. In spite of the fact that they create a long, rigid line, which makes a woman seem stiff as well as less approachable. If you want to cover your legs, It’s better to wear pants instead. At least pants permit the hourglas shape of a woman’s body …

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Oct 17

Michelle + Anne in Fuchsia

Sandy Dumont discusses candidates' wives in Hot Pink

Let’s face it. Fuchsia (a.k.a. Hot Pink when it is lighter and brighter) is a very flattering color for most women. It makes the face look softer, more feminine and more luminous. Both the First Lady and Mrs. Romney look beautiful and elegant. Mrs. Obama is more formal with her long-sleeve jacket – a change …

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Oct 02

Ann Romney

Image Consultant Sandy Dumont discusses Ann Romney's color and style choices

Ann Romney is a very beautiful woman, with a wholesome, all-American look. When she is in the right colors and styes, she takes your breath away. When she’s in the wrong colors and styles, she diminishes her natural beauty. Ann Romney bedazzles in jewel tones like royal blue. Her face glows. Solid colors also suit …

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Apr 02

Black As Your Office Uniform


A recent survey taken by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) revealed that 56% of the respondents said that they wore black to work most of the time. Eight per cent wore gray, brown or another neutral. Only 1.61% said they wore something bright most of the time. The four women in the …

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Feb 27

Oscars – More Color Faux Pas

Five actresses in popular colors

Last night, watching the Oscars in Hollywood, I was struck by the number of beautiful women who made themselves look nearly invisible because of the colors they wore. This is the one night you don’t want to look blah. You want to stand out! If you want to own the room when you enter it, …

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Feb 27

Oscar Night – Emma Stone makes them pale by comparison


Last night at the Oscars, as expected, I saw many celebrities and stars wearing pale “blush” colors, and they aren’t doing themselves any favors. When you have pale skin, you make yourself look even paler. And when you forgo lipstick for the so-called “natural” look of today, you even begin to look sickly. Too many …

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Feb 26

Tim Gunn Needs an Image Consultant


Apparently, fashion Guru Tim Gunn hasn’t updated himself about color. A lot of famous designers are in the same boat, so it’s no surprise. The first rule of color is that you never match your clothing to your superficial appearance, or you’ll blend into your garments and look washed out. So, if you have grey …

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Feb 20

President Obama: No More Grey Suits, Please


Dear President Obama – Please give up those grey suits. They make you look much older and very tired. Please remember that grey has mostly negative connotations: a grey area, a grey lie, old and grey, sad and grey, tired and grey. Of course, it’s favored by politicians because it personifies a grey area that …

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Feb 02

Image Consultants Advice: Look Extraordinary, not Ordinary

Before & After Images of Female Business Executives

Looking for a job? Hoping to get promoted?  Want to get noticed by that special someone?  It won’t happen if your style is “basic” and you look like everyone else. Don’t buy into outdated information that tells you to wear a conservative suit and accessories. In today’s economy, we want a self starter; someone who …

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Feb 01

Kim Kardashian – Ditch the Wrap Dress

Kim Kardashian in unflattering wrap dress

Kim Kardashian looks elegant and toned in her beautiful white pantsuit, worn on her recent European trip. It makes her waist look slim, and the padded shoulders of the white top balance her hips and show off an hourglass figure. This is the kind of look she might consider adopting. It’s covertly sexy rather than …

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