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Jun 30

Long Skirts Look Rigid and Dated

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 2.56.38 PM

  Amazingly, long skirts continue to be seen. In spite of the fact that they create a long, rigid line, which makes a woman seem stiff as well as less approachable. If you want to cover your legs, It’s better to wear pants instead. At least pants permit the hourglas shape of a woman’s body …

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Jun 01

Ties are Still the Best Power Tool


Ties convey authority and status. Image consultants agree that they increase credibility, status and respect.
The Image Architect; power dressing

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May 16


This is the book the fashion, makeup and image industries do not want you to read. This ebook was years in the making and based on thirty years hands-on and in-depth research. Social biologists have proven that everything you do and every decision you make is based on primitive instincts, relating to survival, including the …

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Jan 21

Michelle Obama- Tres Chic

Michelle Obama looking very chic

President and Mrs. Obama on Inauguration Day, both looking dashing and elegant. Michelle looks especially chic in her Thom Browne blue-checked coat. Later in the day she added her own belt to the coat, but it interrupted the exquisite line of the garment. President Obama, I was hoping you would make a powerful visual statement …

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Oct 17

Obama vs. Romney- Style Matters


President Obama was the clear winner in terms of style. A red tie always conveys power. However, the darker the color the higher the authority, so the dark red tie conveyed very high authority. Add to that the formal-looking small repeating dots, and you’ve got a Presidential look that conveys immediate confidence and authority. Romney …

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Sep 04

Who Looks Good in a Grey Suit?

Color and style of businessmen analyzed

Grey is a popular suit color for businessmen. One reason is because it is neutral. Another is that It’s not intimidating, like black can sometimes be. It’s also not as formal as navy blue, so it’s thought of as a good everyday suit color. Nearly every man has a grey suit. But should he? Which …

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Jun 26

Leaders or Followers? Why?

SandyDumont The Image Architect gives image & style advice for professionals.

Everyone is this photo is dressed safely, so as to not rock the boat. When you’re a true leader, you dress to make a statement about who you are. Your attire should shout confidence not caution. The man on the left has strong body language and he wears an authoritative dark suit. However his tie …

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Jun 05

Undercover: From Classy to Flashy

Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect talking about classy versus flashy dress codes

In a recent episode of “Undercover Boss” the female owner of a large company went undercover to work with her staff undetected. In order to look like the other employees and not be recognized, she changed her image dramatically. I wondered how many elements they would decide to change in order for her to go …

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May 10

CAMEL: Beloved – but not in the mirror…

Colr and style for men's jackets analyzed by Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect.

Camel, tan, brown, khaki – no matter what you call it, this color shouldn’t be worn by anyone with greying hair. First of all, the two colors are jarring when seen together. Secondly, this color very often makes the skin look yellow as well as very washed out. Check it out in the mirror. Put …

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Feb 27

Oscars Fabulous Fashions

Image Consultant Sandy Dumont talks about fashion at the Oscars

Gwyneth Paltrow and Octavia Spencer both looked spectacular in white. Gwyneth’s understated ensemble from Tom Ford was just perfect for her. It’s got the look of Old Money. Octavia’s gown was both spectacular and classy. These women prove that everyone can wear white if you get the makeup right! Viola Davis and Glen Close both …

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