Feb 10

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Television Lawyer: Why Your Image Says…LOSER!

Television Lawyers

I’ve been teaching Executives and Management how to dress powerfully for over 30 years. I don’t watch a whole lot of television, other than the evening news and a few shows like Oprah. Some of my clients wrote in about these shows about supposedly “high powered” attorneys. Take a look and tell me, do you think Glen Close looks very powerful? If you were in court battling for your freedom, would you want her to represent you?

Here Glenn Close is wearing all pastels and in a very ordinary style. Notice how she almost disappears completely into her suit. The stylist obviously thought it best to match her clothing with her superficial appearance rather than giving her the modern and worldly appearance that a high-powered attorney should have when doing battle in a courtroom. Even with the addition of pearl earrings (which are actually reminiscent of a Sunday school teacher and not a high-powered attorney) this suit contains so many masculine lines that the overall appearance is of a woman who has dressed in her husband’s clothes. Even her haircut is unimaginative. Wouldn’t she look great in Meryl Streep’s hairdo in “The Devil Wears Prada.”

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  1. Janet Arnwine

    Dear Sandy,

    I agree and I love Glenn Close – great actress. Obviously they were going for the overall set appearance, notice the background is light the furniture is light. I think a form fitting power suit or a great looking dress with a jacket would make an impression. A power color like red would make her pop, but perhaps they wanted a subdued look. I like the traditional suits of the past for women, that were form-fitting and in colors like blue, black, red and cream, but the times they are a changing.

    All rules seem to have been tossed. What are they really wearing in today’s court rooms? That would be a really good poll to take. Are they wearing dresses, suits or pants and a jacket? What you wear sets the tone for how you feel or how you may be perceived by others.

    When in doubt ask a fashion pro, one you trust!

    -Janet Arnwine

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