Apr 04

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The book the fashion industry doesn’t want you to read

There’s a revolutionary new book coming out in late April. It contains scientifically-proven evidence that you don’t know what you look good in. Nor does anyone in the fashion industry.

They don’t want you to know the truth, because they know you’ll no longer be at the whim of fleeting color and style trends. You’ll KNOW what you look good in.

The book is the culmination of decades of hands-on research about color and color psychology. It’s entitled “Color Me Correctly, Please.” There’s information about makeup color, hair color, camouflage tricks, power dressing for women – and more.

Stay tuned for launch date. You can get your copy at Amazon or on my website at wwww.theimagearchitect.com


The most revolution book on color since 1830

The most revolution book on color since 1830

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  1. Didi Lorillard

    Congratulations! Please, tell me how I can buy your book? Didi

  2. Didi Lorillard

    Congratulations! Please tell me how I can buy your book? Didi

  3. Didi Lorillard

    Congratulations! Please, let me know how I can buy your book? Didi

  4. Sandy Dumont

    Didi, you can get it via my website (TheImageArchitect.com) at the end of April.

  5. Sandy Dumont


    You can get my revolutionary ebook on my website. Here is the link.
    Happy reading.

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