Oct 05

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The Delightful Duchess

Sandy Dumont provides image tips to Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, the enchanting wife of Prince William, has a very good eye for style, and she knows what suits her. Nevertheless, every now and then she picks something that doesn’t flatter her perfect hourglass figure. Most often, Kate shows off her tiny waist. However, the suit on the right makes her figure appear so straight that she looks almost boyish.

Kate is known to prefer garments with V-necklines, perhaps because they accentuate her slim waistline. However, the rounded cowl collar of the two-piece suit looks matronly. The “sloping” hemline of the skirt also misses the mark, because it creates a rounded arc, which makes the young Duchess appear bow legged.

Cowl collars are difficult for women of most ages. If you’re past forty, you definitely want to avoid them, because of their inherent matronly look. Wearing a cowl collar if you’re under thirty may result in looking as if you’ve borrowed your mother’s jacket. If you’ve got jackets with cowl collars, have your seamstress remove the collar and turn your jacket into a collarless V-neck design.

If your legs are as slim and shapely as Kate Middleton’s, stick to pencil skirts so you can show them off. Fuller skirts slim the legs, and they’re a good choice for women who want their legs to look slimmer.

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  1. Sandra

    Catherine doesn’t have a ‘perfect hourglass’ figure. Her shoulders are wider than her very narrow hips – a classic triangle.

  2. Sandy Dumont

    In my book, a triangle doesn’t have a slim waistline like Catherine does.

  3. Sandra

    There are triangles of different sizes and proportions, but the general idea of a triangle is shoulders wider than the hips. We can discuss different categories but in the end, the obviously widest part of her body from the front are the shoulders. There are photos of her in a bikini where this is evident. She also does NOT have the hourglass waist-to-hip ratio. In fact, her waist is almost the same width as her hips, giving her ‘athletic’ proportions.

  4. Sandy Dumont

    I appreciate your comments, Sandra, but I’m NOT one of those image consultants who uses a tape measure. Results rule, not rigid measurements is my feeling. A seasoned professional looks at a person visually to see if they appear out of balance. In other words can you see that they are long or high-waisted; and if so, is it exaggerated enough to be noticed. Do they have have “thunder thighs,” that need serious camouflaging, or are the thighs just a bit out of balance and can barely be noticed. Yes, Kate may have shoulders that are a bit broader than her hips, but she still comes across as having a very sexy hourglass figure. She doesn’t look top heavy nor does she appear to have a boy-like figure. She dresses to show off her tiny waist, and it’s rare to see her in horrible styles – not withstanding hats. Sometimes the colors she chooses could be better,I think you’ll agree.

    Keep your comments coming, I always like to brainstorm with others.

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