Sep 07

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The Devil’s in the Details for Rand Paul…and others

Rand Paul is an attractive man, but when he’s having a bad hair day, it’s another matter. It’s no wonder we refer to hair as a person’s crowning glory. A bad hair day can cause a person to look dated or even less attractive. On the left, he looks not only less attractive, but less credible.

Rand Paul isn’t the only politician or celebrity to have a bad hair day. Nick Nolte (below left) will forever go down in infamy for his mug shot on the day he was arrested for drunken driving. Alas, it seemed this was the turning point for Nolte, who hasn’t been seen in a film since then. And even The Donald (below right) can have an ultra bad hair day.

Dennis Crowley, guru of telephone apps, seems to have a perpetual bad day. The photo below on the left  is his current coif. The photo to the right is the before version when he was still in school. Dennis, here’s a recommendation for you.  See farther below.

Dennis, take a look at the photos of the men below. Because you have a long face, these hairstyles, which are similar, would be perfect for you, and it’s still very non-conformist.

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  1. Sue Hitchcock

    Hi Sandy,

    I struggle with my hair each and every day. I have some natural waves, not in any organized way; frizz is something I fight with almost daily and with grey coming in fast and furious, that has another challenge.
    I have a longish face, and so far my hair is at my shoulders, a bit shorter. I use a flat iron quite often, but it is still a struggle. Any suggestions?

  2. Sandy Dumont

    I fight the same battle, but it’s worth the time and effort. Amazing, isn’t it, that when you let your hair dry naturally it looks half dead due to the frizz. But when you torture it with a flat iron and intense heat with a huge roller and dryer,, it looks shiny and healthy!

    If your face is a little long, bangs are a good idea. I like my side-swept “bangs” because they’re looking a little more sophisticated than regular ones.

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